"Medina Real Estate was a great help when we were in search of a new home..... They really helped us in finding the appropriate house for our growing family. They took every detail into consideration from location, to the size of the home we were looking for and the budget we wanted to stay within. Even with us doing a lot of the looking online and the gathering of information, we would coordinate with Medina Real Estate about what we were looking for. We are so grateful to Medina Real Estate for helping us and giving us a chance at a new home when no one else would have done the same. Their personal service and attention was tremendous and greatly appreciated. The day we moved into our new home Juan Medina, Jr. was also there to lend a helping hand. If you are looking for a Real Estate Company to help you with finding, selling, or anything having to do with real estate, we would definitely recommend using Medina Real Estate.  They are a company that values their customer's needs and goes the extra mile to help them. I know we will refer all of our family and friends to Medina Real Estate in the future"

- Margarito and Melissa Solis
   Weslaco, Texas

"My wife and I were looking for a house....we called Medina Real Estate and Juan Medina, Jr. showed us several homes before deciding on the one we wanted.....Medina Real Estate was very patient with us and took the time to explain to us how to go about putting a contract offer on the house we were interested in.  I am a police officer and neighborhood safety and nice location were important to me, and especially for my family.  Medina Real Estate worked with us through out the whole process, from contract negotiations, obtaining our financing, and the closing as well....they are very professional, and were extremely courteous with me and my family...now we have our dream home....my wife and kids are so happy, and i owe it all to Medina Real Estate !!!! "

 - Frank and Krystal Zuniga

 Edinburg, Texas